Thursday, February 22, 2018

Black Panther and 
Homosexual Representation

Why have i seen among some in the media, this angst, about including homosexuality in Black Panther?
Homosexuality, for all those who desire to falsely claim its origin to be anything other than European; is exactly that, false. Homosexuality and lesbianism is culturally germane to Europe and the Western (white) nations. To even add this behavior to African culture, is pretty much the same as any other import from the outside world that has been forced upon Africa and African people. You can call it homophobic or hate, or whatever you like. It isn't hate of any kind. But that may be your method of pushing your thinking, your way, on those who disagree with it. 

Homosexual behavior is not germane to Africa. In fact, it is against the very nature and History of African people before the coming of European domination. So why would it be portrayed as apart of even a fictional world, that is in many ways an actual reflection of what Whites came to Africa to witness over 3,000 ago. Africa historically, was to Europe and the world, what the fictional Wakanda is to the world in Black Panther. So why would a European invention, and culture be included in the depiction of an ultra Black world. I am aware that many Black people have adapted this behavior, that is of European origin. And there is this push to make the world accept it. You want this “representation”, in a world (Wakanda) where there should be none. Also. Why not this desire, this push, for this “representation” of homosexuality, in other MCU movies? Why Black Panther? Why does homosexuality have to be "represented" in a movie with a historically almost all black cast of mostly positive characters? This question of representation of gay people hadn't been an issue before now. Why this particular movie??

This push to include”queer” into everything as a matter of “representation” is simply propagandist. Some of you who advocate this, seem to be among the great many of you who want to equivocate the struggle of Black people with that of the struggle of Gay people. And you are incorrect. While i advocate human rights for Gay people, as i do Black people, there are no special rights that should be afforded to anyone. Human rights for black people. And the same should be for LGTBQ. Gay people shouldn't be denied any right that any human being should have. But nothing special. If this is achieved, equality will be achieved. You’re gay, great. Be you. You want to equivocate black representation with that of gay representation. It is not the same at all. And to attempt to plant gay "representation" in an almost all Black movie with positive representations; seems to attempt to either equate black desire for equal and human representation. Or. It is an attempt to graft onto black positive representation, gays and lesbians, so that they can be perceived in that same light. Or. It is desired, so that black masculine, and truly strong feminine positive images are diminished. I understand that homosexuality is being normalized, and to those who want that to be the case, gay representation is important. They don't see it as minimizing, and diminishing black masculinity and femininity. But their desire to be "represented" along side other strong black characters, is like a less attractive man, who wants a very beautiful woman with him to raise his own profile. But in this instance, the less attractive man, is so much so, that people began to question why that woman is even with this guy. So her profile is actually brought down by her association with him.

This commentary is in no way expressing hate towards LGTBQ. However, I am pointing out the attempts by some to propagandize the movie Black Panther. And from my point of view, insert homosexuality, into a culture that was void of any homosexuality, which could most likely be to simply promote the lifestyle There will be push back against this kind of commentary. It seems that for many of us, to express a contrary opinion on gay issues, make us a hater if gay and lesbian people in the minds of those who advocate the behavior.

The Color Of Love

Love Has No Color(does it?)

Interracial sex, dating and marriage. Among some, It seems to be all the rage today. People seem to see interracial dating and marriage as some sort of post racial activity. If a person is for interracial dating, then they must be progressive and not a racist. If a person states they are against interracial dating and marriage, then they must be racist. But even some of the very black people who are pro interracial marriage will admit, that even racist whites marry black people. Interracial dating and marriage has been around for a while. For many years after slavery, black people were still at the mercy of white people. A black man was literally killed for simply looking at a white woman. Black women were routinely and wantonly used for sex, against her permission. Even if she was married or had a black man, that black man was under threat of his life if he didn't back down while any white man took his woman for sex.  Any interracial sex, dating, and marriage that took place among black and white people, was purely under the control of white people. Black people had no power to stop any white man from taking his woman under any circumstance. Any attempt to do so was met with severe and serious injury and or death. In the segregated south, there was rarely any instances of a white woman marrying a black man.  Any instances of interracial sex, or marriage, was solely under the power of the white man. It was frowned upon heavily as a social norm in any way for a white to "mix" with a black person for most things, particularly for sex or marriage. But if a black man, was even reported to have had sex with a white woman, he was surely hunted down and severely beaten and killed. Whether the report was true or not was of little to no consequence. So called "miscegenation", was against the law. And it was enforced against the black man marrying a white woman, more so than the white man having sex, or marrying a black woman. There were of course instances where the law against a white man marrying a black woman was tested. The anti-miscegenation laws were struck down by the Supreme Court in 1967, in Loving, a white man, versus Virginia.

Black women have been at the mercy of white men since the conquering of the black man in Africa in the late 12th century. The man of any nation has been the first line of defense to protect the most valuable of its resources; that most valuable resource is the female. As the "white" race moved across the northern Continent of Africa around the 10th century, their armies began a brutal assault of the western kingdoms. It took about 300 years to destroy the civilizations of the western part of Africa. Shortly after, 150-200 years after, the transatlantic slave trade begin. In war, the male is the first line of defense. Once he is conquered, the conquering armies of that nation, go in to take "the booty". And the main and most valuable "booty" of a nation, is the female. The conquer begins to put his seed in the conquered female. She will have children for him. The will grow admire him. They will speak his language, practice his culture, and customs. The conquered nation is turned into the mirror of the conquer. This happened all over the earth where darker people are. The conqueror has his way with the female.

Black women have been at the mercy of the white power structure, for the better part of a thousand years. The black woman has essentially been the property of the white power structure. The black man hasn't had any power in this world to protect her, to produce for her, or to provide for her. As a people and culture, the black man has been impotent. And it has been the system of white supremacy that has been responsible for the destruction and oppression of black people. The destruction and oppression of black people starts with the black man. So. Because of this destruction, black people are in this present condition, no freedom, no justice, no equality. The black man is in a constant state of systematic impotence.

No one considers on a day to day basis the cause of the black mans impotence. No one considers on a person by person basis, what has caused, and what is causing, the black man to have the socioeconomic, and mental and cultural deficiencies. We have all bought into the thought of individual responsibility. And this thinking seems to be mostly applied to people in contemporary society. Particularly those who are at the bottom of society. The black man is at the bottom of our society. When he is assessed, he is assessed as if he should be equal to everyone else. This assessment is done without any real thought of the cause that has lead to his condition. Many times when cause is brought up to help explain his condition, many say that its "making excuses". Indeed, some people, black men, may use the cause as an excuse for his own lack of desire and execution. But that doesn't mean that there isn't a reason and a cause for the black man being in the condition he is in. To dismiss the cause and the reason, is to dismiss the history, racism, and white supremacy black people have experienced. Some like to make it seem as if those things don't apply today, because it is said we are equal. But that equality hasn't indeed been present.

 But it really appears to be getting some new life. Social media is becoming more and more the place where  this activity is getting more oxygen. In times gone past like the late 80s and early 90s, when black pride had hit an all time high. Interracial sex, and dating, as well as marriage, was at an all time low.  Before this era, black men married white women at a higher rate than black women married white men. It wasn't that black women didn't make themselves available to white men to marry them. They definitely did. Its just that white men wasn't marrying black women if they married outside their race. White men opted to marry Asian women much more often than they would black women.  White women married black men more so, than any other race other than white men. But by the time the late 80s, early 90s hit, an interracial marrying ceiling had been met. The advent of 24hr news coverage. MTV, and BET beaming images across the world of black people in less than attractive, and civilized ways. Black consciousness. And events like the Rodney King beating and verdict. This and many other factors caused black people, to reexamine our "relationships" with whites in America. So there was a decline in interracial marrying.

During these times, the media landscape was different of course. The cornerstones of culture and thought were infused with blackness. The music, the fashion, and Art, were all drenched in the color of black pride. Cross Colors, and FUBU started a new style and trend with fashion. Before, in years past, black men and women only had the clothing of the white majority to wear. The physical form of white men and women, is very different than the black person's physical form. So the clothes we were pretty much forced to buy from the available marketplace, was inadequate to say the least. So. When Cross Colors And FUBU hit the market, black people were ecstatic! This fashion not only fit the black form better, but it was a reflection of hip hop culture; which had become synonymous with Black people. We were proud to don our Cross Color or FUBU(For Us By Us). And so. The primary representatives of this were indeed black people. Black music culture like Hip Hop, had the booming sounds of Groups like Public Enemy, aptly named for the subject matter of black empowerment, which is indeed an enemy to the "public"; as is deemed by "the powers that be". Eric B and Rahkim, Leaders Of The New School, Diggable Planets, De La Soul, Digital Underground, Boogie Down Productions with KRS-1, Whodini, Kool Moe Dee, Gang Star, Africa BamBaaTaa, Special Ed, Big Daddy Kane, Tribe Called Quest, and a host of other "conscious rappers, who peppered the minds of their listeners with black thought. The young in those days listened to music that gave them pride in themselves and each other.  Hip Hop was substantive. Not just mambo jumbo over dope beats. All the time the crack epidemic was hitting black America like the proverbial sledgehammer, but a million times harder. Black life had always been reflected in hip hop music. The life that came as a result of poverty and want, was heard clearly in the music of the times as well.

By 1989, N.W.A. was fast becoming the most prominent voices of the youth. While black youth were relatively more socially and politically conscious, groups like N.W.A., and Too Short, and Ice T, gave them the feeling that the rage and powerlessness they felt, could be thrown into urges, like sex, and violence. And although rap artist like these, laced their music with songs like "Fuck Tha Police", and "Cop Killer", that reflected anger against the police practises of abuse against black youth. The result and continuing expression of this, took the focus off of the "enemy", being the system. The violence and drug culture, and the seeming glorification of the same, had the affect of allowing the frustrations of black people to become more and more internalized. 

In the coming decade, black music became less about black pride and culture, it seemed to be more about sex. There was however, a kind of balance struck among r&b artist in their respective lanes. There was R. Kelly, Jodeci, Keith Sweat, Blackstreet, Ginuwine, and Bobby Brown. They were the mostly sex, or/and overtly sexual performers and singers. And then there was TLC, Mary J Blige, Aaliyah,, Boys 2 Men, SWV, Toni Braxton, Monica, Brandy, Babyface, New Edition, and a whole host of dynamic singers and performers. These singers made songs more related to emotions, and love. Not to Mention icons like, Micheal Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah, and Whitney Houston. There was some balance to what the public consumed from black music.

 But as time moved forward, the power of  Hip hop could be felt. Materialism was on the rise in hip hop. Materialism and commercialism found love as expressed through much of hip hop.  And so goes Hip Hop, so goes black people. Materialism, commercialism, Cars, clothes, money. This became most prominent around 1994-1995 with the rise of Sean "Puffy" Comb's Bad Boy Entertainment. His flagship rap artist The Notorious B.I.G., better known then as Biggie Smalls, gave expression to this amped up materialism/commercialism, and the relationship material things had to the acquisition of women. So. With r&b music becoming mostly about sex and love, and less about love and sex, the mix became something of a ultra, yet pseudo masculine expression of black men, in our relationship to the world. Black women become more of objects to be conquered, and less of a partner in our movement against a system that was out to hurt black people as a whole. The music videos became more and more sex driven. Women wore less clothing. The dance moves became more sexual. The camera angles were done to focus on the sexual parts of women. And the more these images were beamed across the world, the more and more black women were objectified and sexualized. 

With the objectification and sexualization of black women  came the devaluing of them. The world had historically done this already. The last wall of minimal respect for black women was held by black men. Its not that black men didn't have his issues with disrespecting black women. There hadn't been some utopia respect of the black woman among black men. But with poverty, drugs, and hip hop's up and coming artist coming from the ghettos, poverty stricken neighborhoods mostly; The mix was a powder keg of excesses, and misogyny. There were boundaries that black men would rarely cross. There was a minimal respect for black women, that seemed to start to wholly break down mid 90s. And although many black women will scream foul, many black women helped this process along with their wanton participation in the culture of hip hop music that demeaned them, and the sexualized culture that devalued them. There were a few voices that sounded against the culture of misogyny and violence, particularly where women were concerned. But these voices were marginalized against the backdrop of corporate profits going to record companies. As well as the trivializing, of the effect, a certain brand of hip hop music had, on the minds of black youth. Black women were drawn into the culture, and participated in their own objectification and sexualization. Mostly in the name of having a good time, materialism, commercialism, and celebrity. And of course, not being able to, or interested in, the long term effects of  their acquiescing to men disrespecting them while in pursuit of these things.

There was a hit television show, with an all black female leads. The show showcased the independence and intelligence of black women. In the show's theme music, theres a line in the song that says,  "in a 90s kinda world, I'm glad I got my girl". the show was titled  'Living Single'. This was one of a few shows like it. The title of the show, and the theme song seemed to be quintessential of the desired black female life. The vast majority of black women weren't like those on the show of course. But it was beamed into homes across the world in order to "change" how black women were being perceived. Whatever the aim, it had limited affect on the culture, and on how the world saw the black woman. On the show Living Single, the male leads, in my opinion, were two weak brothers. One of which, was a successful stock broker, and had a questionable sexuality. And the other one, while a good brother, was a handyman, and witless. In another show similar to Living Single titled "Girlfriends", the black male lead was another example of a toned down masculinity. So much so, that he came off as neutral in his manliness. This seemed to be done on purpose. Even some black women were saying that black men were coming off as too "Macho" back then. Hip hop was generating the view of black male misogyny and hyper masculinity. So the effort to make black men seem to be "less threatening" was afoot. And it worked. Worked so well, that black women started viewing black men as weak. And the strong examples of being a man in the media, movies, and television were white men. Save actors like Denzel, and Westley. And sports figures like Michael Jordan. Each one of these men were "dark skin" black men. It was around 1991-92, that the "dark skin" black man became en vogue in the black community. Dark skin has become almost equal with masculine, and strong. While light skin, while once was the standard of beauty among black people; light skin became equal to weak, and effeminate. The status of dark skin women in the black community however, was pretty much the same as it always was. Except during the time of the "black conscious" movement in the late 80s and early 90s. Black women, dark and light skin were closer to being equal in the standard of beauty among black people. That quickly shifted back to light skin black women once the "black conscious" movement had weakened. Dark skin black women are rarely seen in the media as attractive. Not that there was an overt shunning of black women. But there is an overt embracing of the "exotic" brand of black(light skinned) and women of color. Today, that shunning of black and most times dark skin women, is becoming more and more overt among a segment of black men.

 When you take the evolution of  "black culture" into account, it shows the effect it has had on black women. And it IS about BLACK WOMEN. The choices they have in black men. Seemingly few qualified black male choices. So the world tells the black woman that she must now choose from others outside of her race. The rise in the talk, and activity of interracial sex, dating, and marriage, seems to be going right along with the rise in the self hate of many black men towards the black woman. There seems to be little to no middle ground on the "dating outside your race" issue. You're either with it. Or you're not. There are very few people in the middle. If you're against it, then the people who are for it, will likely say that being against it is "Racist".  And it appears, nowadays, that when people advocate "interracial dating", they are usually talking about black women dating white men. Those black men that advocate, and desire this, do so for different reasons than black women do. Black women seem to think of this as a matter of "happiness". Black women want to be happy. And if "Chuck" can make you happy, then why not. "Love has no color".

 Looking at the state of black men, there doesn't seem to be any happiness there. Black crime. Which is actually lower than white crime. Black drug use, which is lower than white drug use. Black homosexuality, which is lower than white homosexuality...but on the rise. Black men not loving, respecting, protecting and valuing black women. The black man is perceived to be the lowest of the low among men. the world has been fed that black people have no value. The world has been fed that black people really don't matter. And black people, have been the chief among the people of the world to embrace the belief that we don't matter. Black people, perform as if we don't matter.

Racism is a very complex system that gives rights, privileges, respect and honor to those of a certain race based on that race's color/race. This system was created, and is perpetuated, by those who have become known as "white people". You don't have to believe you are a racist to in fact be a racist. This system is empowered by its very nature to, oppress, impede, stop the progress of those of whom it was not created to bestow rights, privilege, respect and honor upon. This system is in every system in this world's order. And the most disadvantaged people under this system are black people. A black person can not indeed be a racist. Some will argue that is not so. If you believe that simply having a dislike  or hate for another person based on the color of their skin is being racist; I would argue that you don't know what racism actually is. In order to be racist, you must have power. Power is an integral part of racism. Black people have been the victims of racism. And black people have sometimes responded to racism with hate for the racist. I would say that is not the same as being a racist. Black people have no power to oppress, impede, or stop white people from moving forward. If you are defining racism based purely on your emotional view of it, then you will always find an inadequate basis to even understand racism. Because the foundation of racism, is the somewhat irrational fear that white people have of black people. It is only somewhat irrational, because the fear they have is deeply ingrained. And it is the fear of genetic annihilation.

So racism is in and of itself, is a self preservation institution for the benefit of the entire white race. Institutions such as the political, educational, political,  and religious institutions, are the institutions that are the life blood of the system of White Supremacy. The aims of these institutions, is the break down of every institution within black and Brown life. And to uplift, and sustain white life and superiority. One of the aims of these institutions, particularly as it is concerning black people, is to distort the manner in which we interact with each other. The mandate of white supremacy, is that its institutions, impede, deny, or/and destroy the progress of black and brown people. As there are millions of moving parts. One of the main aims, is to diminish the manner in which black men and women relate to each other. And one of the results, is to then look to other races for sources of  comfort.

Black women have been under assault for the last 4,000 years. She has been the focus of all manner of physical, mental/psychological,biological, and social warfare. She is the most abused, disrespected, rejected woman on the earth. And her man has been destroyed. But she has been made to believe that he is simply innately inferior, and thats why he is impotent in his ability to take care of her in every facet of their esitence together. Yet for the most part, she holds on to him in many way. In others, she is looking for another to take his place. The black woman feels abandoned by the black man. She doesn't see him as destroyed. She sees him as shiftless and irresponsible. And all he needs to do is step up. It seems easy enough. And because of that thinking, it seems that he is either unwilling, or incapable of being what he should be to her. She doesn't see him as unable, and restricted by chains she can't see. And any mention of these other alternative reasons, come off as an excuse, given to mitigate his condition; of which she more and more sees as self imposed.. And even if she gives him the benefit of the doubt, she still believes that he must step up. And in some ways, she is correct. In other ways, she isn't. It is this mentality that usually comes from those who are in an overall better position than that of others, whose actions they may be judging. This is done by many people. It becomes difficult for some people to understand that if they have achieved, then others should be able to also. Even some black people generally will think, that because the "made it", that anyone who doesn't is just making some excuse, or casting blame for their laziness. That attitude shows a deep lack of understanding, and is a very selfish and individualistic view of  people's conditions and circumstances.

Black women have begun to interact romantically and sexually with white men at an increased rate lately. The effects of white supremacy on black people, among others, include, the supreme admiration of white people. The standard of beauty at its highest, is the white man and white woman. So the desire for them to be romantic sexual partners is high. And when you are a black or brown person that has been taught systematically, that dark skin is ugly, and light skin is beautiful. Or. That white features are beautiful, and black features are the most ugly; it affects your choice, desire, and attraction. On top of that. The white man is shown throughout his institutions to be honest, brave, heroic, wealthy, attractive and powerful. That is the overall institutional image of white men. And it has been ingrained into the psyche of the world's population over the last more than 2,000 years. Before television and photography, it was paintings. And the most prominent image of a white person shown throughout the world is that of "white Jesus". As photography and television came about. The image of white people was most prominent, and placed in the most supreme positive light. Particularly when contrasted with black people. This coupled with several other institutional normalcy, where black and brown people were shown to be inferior, and even inhuman.

So with this historical onslaught of white beauty, and black ugliness, it has become somewhat accepted, that white is right, and black is...well....wrong. This mentality and psychology is deeply rooted in the institutions of the world. So the children of black people are taught through education, and religion mostly, that they are ugly and powerless.While White children are taught their beauty and superiority through these institutions. And it is so ingrained in our minds that as normal, that most of us don't even see it.

So. It is no wonder that black women are turning to white men. And that interracial sex, dating, and marriage is something black people almost see as a privilege. Black men are not excluded. Although I see the motivations are different respectively. But to say that "Love sees no color". Is like when people say, "I don't see color". Its false.